Electronic Recycling

Electronic Recycling Price List

  • $8 Hard Drives
  • $7 Cell Phones
  • $12 Tablets
  • $15 Computer Towers
  • $18 Laptops
  • $10 Monitors
  • $25 Printers
  • $25 Full Computer Sets
  • $35 Flat Screen TVs (Any Size)
    Quantity Discount Available


Secure Electronic Safety:

QuickShred is proud to partner with local down-streams operating several Indianapolis locations who specialize in recycling E-Scrap.  As R2/RIOS certified e-waste recyclers, they operate under standards set by the EPA and state governments to ensure that electronics equipment is being recycled with the highest standards for environmental control, worker health and safety, and data and facility security.  They are the experts in recycling and destruction of electronic devices, components, and data.